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WMS 4.0

Detect the occurrence of damage at an early stage, avoid follow-on costs and increase the efficiency of your machine tool.

You can achieve these goals using the holistic service system WMS Service 4.0 together with ifm as maintenance lifecycle system

Thanks to intelligent condition monitoring in your machine tools

  • signs of wear on structural components
  • energy consumption
  • oil and air consumption

can all be monitored and optimised at short notice.

Our service concept guarantees a local 24/7 standby service and general overhauling of your structural components with a replacement value guarantee.

This holistic procedure leads to optimisation of your OEE and TCO figures.

Why vibration monitoring?
Every machine produces vibrations during operation. Imbalance, misalignment or resonance can quickly lead to these vibrations exceeding a permissible level. An increase in the vibration amplitude has a negative effect on the machine's condition. This results in unexpected machine failure and reduced service life.

efector octavis is a vibration monitor which not only records vibration data but also carries out signal analysis and machine diagnosis directly at the machine. The condition values are transferred immediately to the head of Maintenance. In addition, the history can be called up at any time.

efector octavis detects the occurence of damage at an early stage. The preventative replacement of components reduces follow-on damage. Machine servic lives are increased thanks to low-vibration operation.

Why conditioning monitoring?
Condition-oriented monitoring makes the early detection of the occurence of machine damage possible and thus makes maintenance and repair measures, plannable. Automated condition monitoring also detecs deviations from OEE figures before scrap is produced.

The solution „WMS Service 4.0“


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