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Pre-owned machinery from WMS

WERKZEUGMASCHINENBAU SINSHEIM GmbH (WMS) offers a wide range of pre-owned machines of different manufacturers and for different purposes.

Below you find an overview of all currently available pre-owned machines. If you have any questions or if you're interested in receiving further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Overview of all available machines:

PITTLER PVSL2/1-1 Vertical Turning Machine Machine number: 7-40 514 68 / Year of construction: 2000
Model:PITTLER PVSL2/1-1 vertical turning machine with one spindle and one turret for eight tools VDI 50
Machine number:7-40 514 68
Year of construction:2000
Manufacturer:PITTLER PCC
Current state:Operational / Documentation available
Extras upon request:Overhauled with new automation
Price:Upon request
Turning diameter:
390 mm
Rotational speed Spindle:
500/6000 U/min
Spindle capacity:
Rapid traverse X/Z-Axis:X = 40 m/min, Y = 24 m/min
Control system:Sinumerik 840C / Simodrive 611D
PITTLER PVSL2/1-1 (total view)
PITTLER PVSL2/1-1 (working space)
PITTLER PRC 36/6 Multi-spindle Turning Machine Machine number: 4318-10 / Year of construction: 1971
Model:PITTLER PRC 36/6 Multi-spindle turning machine with 6 spindles, automatic bar machine, workpiece clamping: clamping collet
Machine number:4318-10
Year of construction:1971
Current state:
Mechanically overhauled / Without electronics
Extras upon request:Individual adjustment to workpiece plus bar feeder, control system (e.g. Siemens S7-300)
Price:Upon request
Turning diameter:
36 mm
Further equipment:
Bar guide
PITTLER PRC 36/6 (total view)
PITTLER PRC 36/6 (clamping)
WMS C204M Centre drive Turning machine Machine number: 110-1848 / Year of construction: 2001
Model:WMS C204M centre drive turning machine with compound slides, center drive head, turret for 8 tools VDI 40 and workpiece clamping (clamping collet)
Machine number:110-1848
Year of construction:2001
Manufacturer:Werkzeugmaschinenbau Sinsheim GmbH
Current state:Needs overhaul / non-operational
Extras upon request:Complete overhaul with new automation
Price:Upon request
Turning diameter:
Up to 50 mm (clamping collet)
Rotational speed centre drive head:
5.000 U/min
Capacity centre drive head20 kW
Rapid traverse:30 m/min
Control system:Sinumerik 840D pl
WMS C204M (total view)
WMS C204M (control cabinet)
PITTLER PV 1250/2-1 P Machine Number: LV 119 /Year of construction: 2011

Pittler PV 1250/2-1 P 

Two spindle CNC vertical turning machine with two pendular slides, two headstock and tooling magazine

Machine number:LV 119
Year of cunstruction:2011

Current state:


As good as new, less production time

Control unit: Siemens Sinumerik 840Dpl

Special accessories:

Double tool holder for turning and milling tools; B-axis 0°-270°; chip conveyor; paper conveying filter; automatic toor; operator panel, 2x face chuck Ø1200mm; high pressure unit 30bar

Extras upon request: customization to production task neccessary
Price:Upon request
Swing diameter: 1400 mm
Other specifications:

Main drive speed: 500 u/min

Main drive torque:

8.600 Nm/100% duty cycle

Milling spindle speed

6000 RPM

Power main drive:

2 x 52 kW

Tool magazine:

2 x 60 HSK 100

Rapid feed X-axis: 40m/min

Rapid feed Z-axis:  24m/min

Feeding force X/Z-axis:  22 kN

PV1250/2-1 P (total view)
PV1250/2-1 P (total view)
PV 1250/2-1 P (multifunctional-head)
PV 1250/2-1 P (multifunctional-head)


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